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Actos Litigation - File an Actos Claim

Actos Litigation

As the number of people who have suffered side effects after taking Actos increases, federal judges have consolidated all of the pending and future lawsuits into a Multi-District Actos Litigation court located in the state of Louisiana. Unfortunately, experts believe as many as 10,000 people may eventually file a claim.

The FDA, French Medicines Agency, European Medicines Agency and American Heart Association have warned that long-term use of the diabetes drug Actos can increase the risk of bladder cancer, heart attacks and liver damage.

The warnings came after research showed the drug could raise bladder cancer risks by as much as 40% and heart attack risks even more.

According to estimates by the Food and Drug Administration, nearly 10 million people have taken Actos in the United States since it was released in 1999. Experts fear that thousands may have suffered a severe condition like this from the drug.

Lawyers are currently helping those affected by the drug with Actos litigation to recover for their medical costs, lost time, pain and suffering. If you are one of the patients who have been injured by the drug you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Contact us today to speak with a lawyer about your legal options if you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, liver damage or heart attack after taking Actos. You may qualify to take part in ongoing Actos litigation.

Data shows that approximately 100,000 people every year die from the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. Many more are seriously injured. Although a large part of these injuries and deaths could be prevented with proper warning by drug makers, they often put profits ahead of safety.

Lawyers with the Actos Litigation Group have helped thousands of people file a claim who have suffered serious conditions like bladder cancer or heart disease after taking diabetes drugs.

These same lawyers are available to answer questions about your legal options today, such as whether you have a case, how much it could be worth and how long you have to file a lawsuit before your rights expire. It costs you nothing to speak with a lawyer.

Claims for medication-induced injury or death are complex, time consuming and valuable legal matters that should only be handled by the most skilled lawyers. Before choosing a lawyer to help with your case, make sure they have experience fighting and winning against powerful drug companies.

Don’t just trust a law firm that advertises on television. At The Actos Center, we work with only the top drug injury lawyers in the country to make sure your case is handled properly and you recover quickly.

Contact us today to learn more about your legal options.  We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide help.

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